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Is your business small?

Do what giants do and you will become a giant too. Someone said that as long as a baby elephant feeds on what elephants eat, he will eventually grow to become a giant that elephants are because it’s in their genes to be big. So is your small business, it’s inherently destined to grow into […]

Covid-19: Birthing of great Business Ideas is NOW not later.

The curve is not flattening as was expected and deaths are now closer home than never before going by the figures being released daily by the ministry of health. This means we are headed for a deeper economic crisis than we expected. A counselling psychologist Becky Gitau in one of her posts wrote and I […]

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Jade Copywriters is Copywriting Agency with the aim of providing professional B2B & B2C PROMOTIONS by creating quick response sales strategies using persuasive materials.Mark Morgan, a one-time mentor who mentored many writers once said,“You are a writer if you can write a story that makes people cry……………………”“You are a better writer if your writing can […]

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